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Even what you know will surprise you

Travelling in the USA & Canada is about discovering familiar sights for the first time. Dramatic and famous places, memorable moments, and time to be yourself too.

It’s more than celebrities, big cars and tall skyscrapers. You’ll feel like you’ve been before when you feel the buzz of the bright lights and yellow cabs in New York’s Times Square, wander down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, drive down Route 66 or see the enticing glare of Vegas.

Switch up the city vibe with the contrasting scale and wonder of the impressive Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Canadian Rockies, Yellowstone Geysers or the glistening sapphire waters of Lake Louise.

When you get to the heart of North America, you'll start to see what's hiding beneath the glitz and glamour, and where the real magic is.

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